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Download Minecraft For Free - Premium Version

If you wish to download a free Minecraft account from us, you will have to complete a few steps before you will be able to play Minecraft for free.

You will not only get a premium username and password, but also the e-mail and mojang account, to make sure no errors will occur.
We guarantee all of our accounts will work forever, this offer WILL save you $26.95!

In case you need any help or want your account replaced for some reason we will do this at no charge, you just need to provide us with the username and password of the file you obtained from us.

Step 1 click the buttons:


Step 2, click the image at the bottom:

When clicking on the image you will see a list of surveys.
We obtain our free Minecraft accounts from our sponsors, and they won't give us the accounts if our users won't complete their surveys.

They use them mainly to get the consumers opinions about their products, so they will know which of their products is popular and what they should do to increase their sales.

The survey  might be a bit annoying and time consuming, but it's the only way to get Minecraft for free (the online premium version that is).

Different surveys are available in different countries, but we HIGHLY recommend the surveys which require your phone number, as these are extremely FAST to complete.
But if these aren't available in your country we apologize, then you will have to spend a bit more time doing it.

REMEMBER this is the only way we can give you this offer FOR FREE!

You are now ready to play Minecraft for free!
Simply download your premium account by clicking below:
free Minecraft account

Minecraft for free
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