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Minecraft For Free Guide

If you are looking for a premium Minecraft account that you could play on for free, then you are at the right place.

We are giving away premium Mojang accounts which our sponsors gave us;  
All the accounts are tried and tested so you can start to play Minecraft for free immediately.

How can we share Minecraft for free?

Our clients have accounts that they want to sell, and our website gives them the place to sell them at.
But we do not charge YOU for it. While our website needs funds to run, we make that money through our advertisers and sponsor so we pass on the benefits of this relationship to YOU!

Why are we sharing a free Minecraft account?

It is often easy to find premium Minecraft accounts that people are giving away because they do not use these anymore.
But they are never available for free. You'd have to pay and buy Minecraft accounts off eBay or with unusual types of money such as RS gold or Alertpay.

However we believe that wonderful community games like Minecraft should be available for everyone to try and play. This is why we have decided to share Minecraft for free, so YOU can experience this wonderful fantasy world yourself.

Is it safe to use these accounts?

The free Minecraft premium accounts that we are giving away are 100% safe to use.
We take all responsibility for them. All our links are malware and virus-free, feel free to scan our website if you're worried.
It is important to emphasize this because all too often people are tricked into paying for accounts that are hacked and the password is most likely changed before they even get the chance to use it.

Once you have downloaded your own premium account, you should immediately change the password.
This is to prevent anyone else from downloading the same account, our server update the account 1 minute after each download.
Having your account stolen will mean that you can no longer play online, though you may still be able to play the single player game. But that is half the fun lost.

How do I download Minecraft for free?

If you want to download our free Minecraft account and enjoy all the features of the premium multiplayer game, you simply have to visit our DOWNLOAD PAGE (link in top).
At this point you will have to fill up a brief survey for our sponsors, which will not take you more than 2 minutes or so.
When you have done that, your account is unlocked, and you can begin to play Minecraft for free.
We make it this simple for you to be able to play this brilliant game for free, by the way the mobile phone surveys is the fastest and easiest to complete they are free and you will only receive 1 text message for verification.

Once you have downloaded and tested it, we would be very grateful if you visit our YouTube video then like and comment it.

Of course, most of you won't need an introduction to Minecraft.
But for those who want to try out the game for the first time, here's a rundown. It is a video game that at the simplest level is about breaking blocks and creating with them, you can enjoy it on PC, Xbox and even smartphones with the new pocket edition.

In the Survival mode, you start by trying to protect yourself from monsters that will kill you at night.
But Minecraft is much more than that. Today it's grown into a game where you can work together with a large community of other players to build wonderful things.
You can take your imagination to the limits and build magnificent buildings, villages and even cities.

You have the entire Minecraft for free and online premium version to adventure in, fly to amazing heights and watch the sun set and rise over a vast ocean.
If you're brave, you can battle monsters in the Nether, a terrible parallel world that does not see the sun and has seas of lava and darkness.

You can also loose yourself in a land of giant mushrooms and hobnob with strange cow-like creatures that have mushrooms growing on their backs.
The possibilities are endless.

You can play Minecraft on your Windows PC, Mac, Xbox 360 or Smartphone.
As of today, a whopping 10.603.141 people have already bought the game off the official website and thousands of others are playing through their free accounts!

So go ahead and get your own account and play Minecraft for free!