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Dont pay for Premium Minecraft Accounts - Get them for free

Download a free premium account and play Minecraft for free here:  


Minecraft has been wildly popular among gamers for a long time now. 
Ever since it's Alpha stages, Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, managed to develop a fresh, unique game which was desirable to casual and hardcore gamers alike. Back then, Minecraft accounts were very cheap and so almost anyone could enjoy playing it.


However, now, things aren't so easy. Since it's official release, premium account prices have rocketed to an exorbitant amount - £16.95; which is approximately $26!


The rise in price has undoubtedly repelled many prospective buyers of the game, resulting on many missing out on a truly great game.

Free minecraft

Don't worry, there is a solution; a free Minecraft account. Perhaps this seems quite ludicrous, seeing as it cost so much, so how would you be able to download Minecraft for free?


Well, it's actually quite simple. 
The basic concept is 100's of usernames are stored in a database containing their login details. 
These accounts can be shared by everyone so you will not have to ship over a ridiculous sum of money in order to play a fun game. You simply find an account and it's password, type it into your client, and you can begin playing online or offline. It really is as simple as that.

There is also no risk that these accounts will run out because it is impossible to change the password, meaning nobody can steal these accounts for themselves.

There are a few common circumstances that restrict people from buying accounts, and they are listed below.

1) You don't want to give Mojang a lot of money for a game you haven't even tried yet. You want to make sure you like the game before you pay them.

2) Your parents or carers won't let you buy it because they don't want to waste money on what seems to them a useless game.

3) You simply can't afford it.


Fortunately, all 3 of these problems can be solved by playing Minecraft for free here.

After playing on a free account, the user may well want to buy their own just because they think the creators deserve it for creating such a great game or because they want their own private account that nobody else has access to.

With a free account, players will not be put into any financial discomfort as a consequence of playing the game and any children playing will not have to worry about their parents/carers refusing to buy the game.

It is important to understand that with a premium account you will have complete, unrestricted access to every single feature a normal premium account has. This includes the ability to play on many amazing, public servers whereas with cracked accounts you are only able to play on cracked servers, which is very irritating.


So what are you waiting for? Start enjoying one of the best games out there at present!

Happy Minecrafting!